‘Is It A Bird? No, It’s A Flying Tourist’

Zip line enthusiasts make a note. This December sees the opening (unzipping?) of the world’s longest zip line in … Ras Al Khaimah. Yes, we had to reach for our school atlas too but RAK is the United Arab Emirates’ most northern emirate and its tourism department is determined it will enter the ‘major leagues of global adventure tourism and cement Jebel Jais as the region’s leading active adventure tourism destination’.

The new zip line is being built on the top of Jebel Jais, which is the region’s highest peak. Although the tourism department won’t say exactly how long the new line will be yet, they have confirmed that it will beat the current holder for the Guinness world record for zip lines, one aptly called ‘The Monster’ which is located in Puerto Rico. The new line currently doesn’t have a name yet (‘Daddy Monster’?) but will reportedly be longer than 28 soccer fields laid end to end.

According to the tourism body, it will be the closest thing to flying. Their press release states that, “Once harnessed to the zip line in a horizontal superhero position, participants will soar through the sky as if they’re a bird”.

However, a word of warning. they also think the zip line ‘will be able to accommodate 250 people a day, or 100,000 in a year’. So that superhero flying experience could get little crowded. (A flock of superheroes?) Unless, of course, you take advantage of the helicopter transfer service that is being built to transfer VIP flyers straight to the start of the line.

(which sort of begs the question, if you can afford to fly in a helicopter, why do you need to fly along a zip wire?)

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