Take Your Photo Then Move Along

Elderly aunts often offer good advice. One of their favourites is ‘you can have too much of a good thing’. And some tourist chiefs around the world know what they mean.

Having spent years and millions of dollars/pounds/euros trying to persuade tourists to visit their towns or cities, they’re now having to find ways to deter them.

‘Over tourism’ is the new buzz word that describes this phenomena and we think it’s one we’re going to hear a lot more of in the future. Consider these examples.

According to reports in the Greek press, the beautiful island of Santorini is said to be ‘buckling’ under the pressure of too many tourists.  Although the estimated 30 million tourists who’ll visit this year will bring much needed euros, they’ll also put the island’s infrastructure under intense pressure; water consumption, for example, has increased by 46% this year alone.

Venice loves saying Ciao to the 25 million tourists it welcomes every year but as a result is also now saying addio (goodbye) to over 1,000 residents who leave the city each year because living there is becoming intolerable.

Scotland’s tourist chiefs have done a great job but are now being accused of turning Edinburgh into a ‘tartan Disneyland’. The Island of Skye has already erected a ‘full up’ sign as they found too many tourists, unable to get hotel accommodation, were being forced to sleep in their cars.

And finally, to Dubrovnik, where cruise ships unload thousands of visitors at a time, where the mayor has introduced cameras to monitor the number of visitors in its Unesco-listed old town, so that the flow of people entering can be slowed – or even stopped – once a certain number is reached.

We’re not sure what advice these aunts would offer these under-pressure tourist chiefs. Perhaps it would be, ‘you’ve created this mess, now you clear it up’!

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