British Beds Are Calling Us Home. Shame About Our Kids

If you believe what you read in the press then British business travelers are a heartless bunch. A new survey from Egencia (Expedia’s business travel arm) apparently shows that they miss their beds more than their children when away from home.

According to the newly published fourth edition of the Business Travel and Technology Survey, children and beds are missed equally around the world; apart from the UK whose business travelers put missing their beds above missing their offspring (42 per cent compared to 33 per cent).

French children, on the other hand, should count themselves considerably luckier; the research shows French business travelers missed their children more than their beds (42 per cent think of their kids compared to 28 per cent thinking about their beds).

Of course, it could just be that British beds are more comfy than French ones,  in which case, our sleep deprived travelers would miss them more. (British bed makers take note, please).

If we appear to show less love toward our offspring than our international peers, the research indicates we might show more love towards our spouse than the rest of the world. ‘Spouses’ topped the list of things we most missed while travelling, recorded at 50 per cent on a global basis, but this moved up to 55 per cent in the UK.  So perhaps we’re not so heartless after all.

And our employers definitely are not. 42 per cent of UK firms offer time off work as compensation for travel over other perks such as in-flight wifi, non-stop flights and class upgrades, compared with 33 per cent on a global basis.

Perhaps they know how much we love our beds?



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