The Latest Country Bragging Right; A New Airport

Just as airlines disappear from the skies (‘farewell Monarch’) new ones keep appearing over the horizon (‘Hi, Norwegian’). And all those new aircraft need airports to land on. Here’s a quick round up of who’s building what and where.


Lisbon’s Tourist authority has proved so successful in attracting tourists that its airport has run out of capacity. So they’re building a brand new one at Montijo, south of the river and some 42 kilometers outside the city centre. Construction starts in 2019 and when open the new airport is expected to handle 43 million passengers landing on four runways. Given that the population of Portugal is only 10 million, the country could be overrun by tourists!


The Philippines government clearly thinks that four runways is child’s play. They’re planning a new airport that will have six runways and so be able to accommodate up to 150 million passengers a year. The new airport will help the government achieve its ambitious aim of attracting 12 million tourists a year.


The Australian government has clearly been influenced by the British. Its planned new airport for Sydney will only have one runway and will be built on an area that had been preserved for this development for thirty years! (The Australians clearly don’t like to rush things either).


Those air passengers who don’t like walking should head for Mexico City, where the authorities are planning to build a new airport that will ‘offer an efficient passenger experience with shorter walking distances’. The Norman Foster-designed airport also aims to be the world’s most sustainable.


It would be impossible to write about airports without mentioning Dubai, which is planning to build yet another one. This one is an extension to the Al Maktoum Airport and once constructed will boost passenger numbers to 120 million per year. The Dubai government’s ambitions know no bounds and the new development forms part of an overarching ‘airport metropolis’.


Having lost is crown as the world’s busiest airport, the US government has finally woken up to the need to redevelop the John F Kennedy (JFK) Airport in New York. Still one of the world’s busiest, the new JFK will have improved motorway access and rail links as well as new airport security. It doesn’t mean that the Homeland Security officials working there will smile more though.




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