200 Items In a Suitcase. Now That’s Packing

Holidays should be sources of great joy and anticipation. But if there’s one thing that can cause an upset, it’s how much luggage to take. These arguments can be between family members or travelling companions or, of course, between passengers and the airlines. They usually happen in full view of everyone at the check-in desk and, although a source of amusement for everyone else, can be stressful for those involved.

The solution, of course, is not to take as much as you first thought and to weigh everything before you go.

Visiting the airlines’ website to check on their luggage policy might not be a bad idea either as weight restrictions can vary from airline to airline.

(Although we were pleased to see that arch villain Wizz Air – which once charged passengers to take hand luggage on board – has now backed down and introduced a new policy allowing a 10kg piece of hand luggage free of charge).

But if you’re the type of person that just has to have lots of everything on holiday, the other solution is to be a better packer. A great video has just gone viral on YouTube which shows how this can be done. Actress and former Bond girl Rachel Grant can be seen packing an entire wardrobe (consisting of 200 items) into just one bag! Not surprisingly, the clip has gone viral with 31,000 views so far. You can click here to view it.

Although the video is essentially a plug for luggage manufacturer Biaggi Luggage, it does highlight that, with a little ingenuity, you can pack an awful lot more into your case. Rachel’s advice includes using ziplock bags and good old elastic bands (these help compress bulkier items).

An earlier video, which shows Rachel packing 100 items into a carry on bag , garnered over 3,000,000 views!

YouTube being YouTube, as soon as you watch Rachel’s video, it then shows you clips of other packing experts giving their tips. Be warned, these can become quite compulsive viewing as each one offers something different.

Although having now watched several (OK, loads and loads), we’re pleased to report that there are some tips that crop up on a regular basis; such as rolling your clothes rather than packing them flat, filling shoes with smaller items and shaking the bag once you’ve packed it. (This creates even more space apparently).

Or you could just pack as you normally do then argue the toss with the airline.



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