Hotels Now Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Why stay in a boring hotel this Christmas when you can stay in an ice hotel? Or one made entirely of salt?

The Daily Telegraph has recently published a list of the fifty most unusual hotels in the world and boy, do hoteliers have fervent imaginations. (You can read  the complete list by clicking on the link here).

From what we can tell, anything goes when it comes to deciding what hotels can be made out of.

Twenty years ago the world’s first ice hotel opened in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. But if ice is not your thing then how about checking in to the Palacio de Sal (or ‘Salt Palace’). Located on the salt flats of Uyuni in Bolivia, the hotel is made completely from salt, including most of the furniture.

If you consider those unusual building materials how about staying at the Das Park Hotel in Linz, Austria which is made from renovated sewage pipes?

Airplanes, trains and cars feature prominently on the list including a former Jumbo Jet which has been converted to provide overnight accommodation at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport in Sweden or a 1965 vintage Boeing 727 airframe which has been transported to the Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica.

On the shore of Clear Lake in Northern California you can stay in nine vintage railroad caboose cars whilst car fanatics will love the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany. All the rooms there are themed around cars, with features such as vintage cars, racing paraphernalia and drive-through cinemas.

Treehouses, forts, silos, caves, bull fighting rings, even former prisons or floating detention centers. You name it and you can stay in it.

Our favourite from the list? We think it has to be the Hotel CasAnus in Antwerp, Belgium which art sculpture CasAnus has designed to resemble…a giant intestine.

You’re right. Sometimes you just can’t make these things up.



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