Got £500 To Spend On A Holiday? Thailand’s Your Answer

2018, we’re told, is going to be another year of unending misery caused by ever rising prices and static salaries. And although us Brits will not be denied our annual summer holiday, we may have to limit our travels to what we can truly afford.

An interesting idea would be to look at where we could holiday the longest, if we had just £500 to spend. Travelex has crunched the numbers and produced a list of the world’s 10 cheapest holiday destinations (based on how long £500 would last).

For the purposes of their research, the money spent covered three meals, four soft drinks, two beers, a coffee and two trips on public transport a day per person.

According to their research, the longest period of time that you could spend abroad would be 44 days. And you’d be spending it in Thailand.  Where you could get by on just £11.43 a day. Not so much of a hardship given how beautiful the country is and how welcoming the Thais are.

The next cheapest holiday destination is Mexico, where you could last for 26 days living on £19.14 a day.

You’d have to travel home a day earlier from Jamaica, as you could only last there for 25 days, spending £20.01 each day.

Bulgaria and the Czech Republic could each offer you 23 days respite before returning home, spending £21.91 and £22.12 respectively.

Surprisingly, South Africa could only offer you a home for 18 days where you’d be burning up £27.55 a day.  And the tenth cheapest destination? Well that would be Portugal where you’d be on a flight home after just 17 days having got through £29.64 each day.

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