Taking Holiday Photos; It’s Not As Easy As You Think

The Christmas holiday season has come to a close and it’s time to review your holiday snaps. The trouble is, now that the effects of the mulled wine has worn off that, well, they may not be very good.

You probably didn’t notice at the time, but some of the group are not in the photo and if they are, some of their heads are missing.

As it turns out, that great panoramic photo that you though might be a stunner looks a bit…blurred.

And as for that photo taken on New Year’s Eve? Well, It’s probably best to delete it.

Capturing the happy times associated with your Christmas holiday is easy with a camera but the results can also disappoint. Luckily, the Guardian newspaper has just published ‘10 top tips for taking amazing travel photographs’. You can read the entire list by clicking here, so we have restricted ourselves to writing about the three that appealed to us the most.

1.Get Up Early

We liked this tip. It wasn’t too technical – just common sense really – and you clearly don’t need expensive camera equipment to make it happen. The technical bit here was interesting too, using a smartphone app (such as Sun Seeker) to find out the sunrise and sunset times for your location so you can pinpoint the perfect time to take your perfect shot.

2. Try an unusual angle

Mmm. We understand what the’re saying here and if it comes off, then great. But we have seen too many photos that might have been quite good, if only the photographer hadn’t tried to balance on the top of a ladder, or underneath a camel.

3. Mystify your subject

The idea here (we think) is to create a sense of ambiguity. OK. so those are our words. We’ve seen lots of mysterious photos in our time, usually along the lines of ‘so who is that in the photo?’ or ‘where were we when we took that?’




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