The Lake District Takes Off

“Passengers to the Lake District, your flight leaves in 30 minutes”. It’s not an announcement many of us will have heard, but we could from June 4th when flights to and from Carlisle Lake District Airport restart.

The new commercial and passenger services were announced by the Airport owners, Stobart Group this week although they haven’t yet confirmed which airlines will be providing the service. (We’ve a hunch it won’t be Etihad or Emirates, but you never know).

Current routes planned to the airport include London, Belfast and Dublin.  Passenger flights to the airport stopped in 1993 but the Stobart Group has obviously done its sums and concluded that, with 41.5 million visitors going to the Lake District each year, it’s a market worth going after. And the region is on the up. Last year it was named a Unesco World Heritage Site, not just for its outstanding scenery but also for its role in establishing early conservation efforts in the UK.

A local business investment group, the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership is investing £4.95 million to help make improvements to the airport’s runway and terminal building. Although no mention has been made of the number of new jobs these new flights will create, it’s bound to stimulate investment in all sorts of tourism-related businesses.

We bet the owners of Carlisle taxis will be celebrating.



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