Jack Frost Makes Driving Difficult

As the UK continues to shiver, most travel experts’ advice is simple; ‘stay at home’. Which is all well and good, but what if you have to, have to travel? We’ve trawled though numerous news sites and other information sources and offer our own advice based on what they say.

Drive carefully

Err, this is a bit self-evident but it’s worth repeating here anyway. Keep your speed down, stay away from the car in front and be extra vigilant. You know it makes sense.

Make sure the vehicle is roadworthy

Motoring organisations are constantly amazed at the number of motorists who set off with everything reading ‘half’; as in half flat batteries, half flat tires, half empty petrol tanks and half empty windscreen washes. Their advice is top everything up that can be topped up (including a good dollop of antifreeze).

Be prepared

If it’s good enough for the scouts, then it’s good enough for drivers venturing out. Here’s a complete list of what some weather experts advise you to pack (we have a strong suspicion they are ex-scouts);

Ice scraper, De-icer, Jump start cables, Torch and spare batteries, Spare warm clothes, Blankets, Shovel, Food and drink, First aid kit, High visibility jacket, Boots with good grip, Empty fuel can, Map, Sunglasses, In-car phone charger and Two reflective warning signs

(We think the sun glasses is probably a bit over the top, but you never know…)

Stay in touch

Make sure your mobile is fully charged and that someone knows where you are.

We’re not experts but we think having a half decent play list to listen to is a good idea and having lots of sweets or chocolate close at hand is useful too.



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