10 Things To Do At Home If You Can’t Travel To Work

So you’ve heeded all the warnings and decided not to travel. Your boss is happy for you to work from home which means you’re all set to spend the day indoors.

As long as you fire off the odd email throughout the day, answer any incoming calls pretty pronto and don’t upload too many photos of what you’re actually doing on your Facebook page, then you’re set for a good day.

But how to fill all those hours? To help you, here’s ten tips that we came up with.

  1. Keep working

Some of you may not have a choice here and your day will be spent much like it is every day; head well down until going home time. In which case, we salute you. But remember, you’re probably in the minority today.

2. Phone a friend

Now’s the perfect time for a natter. Remember all those Christmas cards you sent three months ago that said, ‘we must get together this year’? Well, start with them.

3. Watch a box set

According to a Yougov survey, About a third of us Brits (31%) would happily ‘binge watch’ TV programmes for five hours or more, with a hardcore 7% who could go for more than 10 hours. Guess that’s your day taken care of then. As well as most of the evening.

4. Read a book

Probably less appealing than a back to back session on Netflix but if you get stuck into the right book, the day can just fly by.

5. Teach your dog a new trick

We guess this depends on the trick you’re trying to teach him or her and your dog’s willingness to play along with you. We think they’d prefer you to spend your time doing one of the above.

6. Do some housework

Let’s look on the bright idea here. Doing it now means not having to do it another time. Just make sure you turn the vacuum cleaner off when your boss calls.

7. Clear out a cupboard

This sort of goes along with our tip above. You know you’re getting bored when this activity looks appealing. But it can be rewarding. It’s amazing how many useful items you’ll find there.

8. Sell some stuff

This is definitely part of the above point. Having now found some stuff you no longer want, now’s the ideal time to sell it before you put it back in the cupboard again.

9. Buy some stuff

This is a lot more fun and if you’ve raised some cash from selling some old stuff, you can now afford it too. If you’ve done some housework then you deserve a treat as well.

10. Bake a cake

If you’ve cleared out some kitchen cupboards you’ve probably realised that you’ve got all the ingredients you need to cook something. And don’t worry too much if you don’t have all the ingredients. Your dog will be happy to show you his new trick; eating burnt cakes.



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