60 Million Irish Celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Now That’s What You Call A Party

Get ready to party. Especially if you’re in Irish company. This Saturday is St Patrick’s Day, one of the biggest days in the Irish calendar. It’s estimated that over 60 million people around the world will claim they’re of Irish descent so they can join in the celebrations.

And why not? St Patrick’s Day is a global excuse for some heavy celebrating and some heavy drinking. Guinness estimates that over 12 million glasses of their famous black stuff will be drunk this weekend. (And that’s just in Dublin. Just kidding).

If you can’t get to Ireland to celebrate it, then here’s some places in the UK that might squeeze you in.

If you’re in London then you can either head to Trafalgar Square for the annual St Paddy’s Day Parade (which takes place on Sunday 18th March) or head further East to Canada Water where Guinness are hosting a Six Nations and St. Patrick’s Day party at Hawker House on Saturday 17th March.

Which is convenient for them as it’s the last day of rugby’s Six Nations tournament when England will play Ireland. And seeing as Ireland has already won the competition this year they’ll be even more Guinness being drunk than usual.

For those that like their St Patrick’s Day parades to be really big, then you’re better off heading to Birmingham as its parade is the third biggest in the world (beaten only by Dublin and New York). Unfortunately, for this year at least, you’re too late as their Emerald Mile fun run took place on Sunday, March 11.

There’ll also be a big parade taking place in Belfast on Sunday, March 18th, which finishes with a free-to-access concert featuring a variety of performances and closing with ‘former JLS and Strictly Come Dancing member Aston Merrygold’. (No, we hadn’t heard of him either).

Of course, you can have as much fun parading at home. The Guinness will be cheaper and, depending how many guests you invite, the queues should be shorter too.

But wherever you’re celebrating this weekend, we hope it will be a good craich.




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