Take A Bow, Harry Goodman, Pioneer Of The Package Holiday

We’re not overly sentimental at Explorer Travel Insurance but we did want to acknowledge the death of one of the true giants of the UK travel industry, Harry Goodman, who passed away earlier this week.

Acknowledged by many as a true innovator and someone who was well ahead of his time, Harry was the mastermind behind a host of travel brands and single handedly helped thousands of Brits to experience ‘package holidays’ abroad.

His airline Air Europe was a forerunner to today’s budget carriers whilst one of his greatest innovations, offering packages to Florida from just £139 a week in 1979, gave millions of Brits a chance to discover not just holidaying abroad but visiting the US. The Florida Tourist industry will surely be raising an extra big glass to him.

Although Club 18-30 wasn’t to everyone’s taste, for those that experienced those holidays, they were just that…an experience.

His initial holiday brand Intasun, became known as the iconic International Leisure Group. This group later collapsed but, ever the entrepreneur, Harry then set up the TV Travel Shop, only to sell it four years later for £70 million. By which time, Harry’s fame was assured.


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