Wanted. Bed Tester. Must Be Prepared To Bounce

Are you big into beds? We ask because if you are, we think we’ve seen the job for you. A company called Zuji in Singapore is looking for ‘bed testers’.

The job entails flying around the world and, er,  testing beds. Your actual title will be ‘hospitality curator’ which we think you’ll agree sounds far more important than a plain bed tester.

And you’ll actually be doing far more than just testing beds. In fact, according to the company’s spokesmen, you’ll ‘travel around the world in business class in airlines to review Zuiji’s merchants by providing their account of the sheet thread count, mattress support, room temperature, pillow firmness, duvet thickness and accessibility to facilities’.

As you can see, it’s a big job. And one the company has been thinking about creating for some time. Why? Because ‘as trivial as it seems’, they say, ‘a bed tester will be able to give customers a chance to know what they will be paying for and travellers now can travel without a negative enigma of their accommodation.”

We’re not sure they meant to use the word ‘enigma’ but we’ve written it as they’ve said it. And perhaps they did mean to use it. This is a company, after all, that is prepared to fly people in business class around the world to bounce on a bed.  They think the job might be of interest to ‘travel lovers who appreciate diverse cultures around the world’.

We can think of hundreds of boys and girls who’d also appreciate a good bed bounce.



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