Beach Lovers To The Left, Orca Swimmers To The Right

Manufacturers of sun tan lotion and lilos can breathe a sigh of relief. The British have not fallen out of love with beach holidays. Just yet. New figures contained in a travel report issued by the Association of British Travel Agents for 2017 show that 41% of holidays that we took last year were the beach version, while activity holidays comprised just 7%.

In fact, beach holidays were up on the year before (38%), while activity holidays had fallen from 9%. Clearly, collapsing for two weeks into a sun lounger only to emerge each evening for a well deserved sundowner is still how we prefer to spend our leisure hours.

But a splinter group is emerging, made of those seeking ever more active and adventurous ways to spend their non-working time. Largely comprising millennials, these holiday-makers are challenging travel companies to come up with yet more exotic ways of being out of the office.

Responsible Travel is one that has risen to the challenge. It has recently reported a 700% increase in the number of people booking to swim with orcas in Norway, and a 300% increase in people wanting to go on a survival course on a desert island.

We had to reread these statistics just to absorb them as our minds here in the Explorer Travel Insurance office fairly boggled. Admittedly, explore is in our name, so should be part of our corporate DNA, as they say, but swimming in Norway? With orcas? (more commonly known as killer whales when we last looked). When we could be downing pina coladas and fighting off suitors for our sun lounger that’s already located in a prime pool-side position?

We’re sorry but we’re with the majority on this and that’s the beach brigade.


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