But I Only Had A Main Course…

The relationship is going so well that your thoughts turn to going away together. After all, what could be more romantic than a holiday a deux?  Right? The trouble is, you’re about to see your potential life partner in an entirely new light. Because, let’s face it, travel does not always bring out the best in people. Especially if they are stressed, hungry, tired or pushed out of their comfort zone.

An Australian website that we came across recently, called Traveler attempted to classify potential travel buddies into eight categories. Frankly all of the categories look pretty unappealing, but we did recognise several people in them, (Not our own partners we hasten to add).

And of course you need not be romantically involved with your travel companions. These people could easily be part of a larger trip that you’ve joined, such as a group of new friends or work colleagues. If so, watch out because at least one of them might fall into one of these categories.

The Tightwad

Needs no explanation. Always missing when the bill comes round and is categorical that ‘they did not have a starter’.

The Drunk

There’s drinking. And then there’s drinking. And boy can these people drink.

The Faffer

Decision making is not their forte. So choosing what to wear for the day could take some time.

The Stresshead

To be avoided at all costs not the least because stress is contagious. Spend enough time in their company and you’ll wonder why you left your house.

The Fussy eater

Only being able to eat certain foods is always going to be a problem when you travel. Probably best  if they had stayed at home.

The Princess/Prince

Enough said.

The Waverer

The faffer sweats the small stuff. These types of people are paralysed at the idea that they’ll make the wrong decision. As in, ‘shall we leave the hotel today?’

The Whinger

These people emerge pretty quickly. In fact, soon after the holiday starts.



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