Riderless Motorcycles; That Should Reduce Accidents

If you see a motorbike driving along the road without a rider, don’t feel you need to pop into Specsavers. You’ve just seen the future of motorbike riding. Or at least BMW’s version of the future. The German auto goliath has just unveiled film footage of a R1200GS driving around a test track by itself.

The company has spent thousands investing in AI technology that it fitted to the bike and which can now start its own engine, accelerate and then make turns on a racing track  – at some speed  – before returning to a complete stop; all without a rider perched on its seat.

Is the company hoping to make thousands of dispatch riders unemployed and dash the hopes of millions suffering a mid life crisis? We hope not. But it is going to keep bikers safer by building an autonomous driving assistant into their bikes (based on AI technology) that can automatically brake and adjust the steering during dangerous situations.

This will save not just lives but the blushes of those inexperienced midlife crisis sufferers who have acquired the cash to afford a big bike but not the skills to drive it.

As self-driving technology grows, it appears that our roads are destined to be filled with motorbikes, cars, buses, vans and other vehicles all driven by robots. Which is good as we’ll have taken to the skies by then, or our beds.

You can watch a video of the bike driving itself by clicking here.



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