America Revs Up In Readiness For Thanksgiving

Phew. And we thought the Great Bank Holiday Getaway was a big deal. That would be considered small beer in the US which is gearing up to celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday of enormous importance to the Yanks who, when we say will go the extra mile, we actually mean will be prepared to travel enormous distances so as to spend the holiday with their families.

This year’s Thanksgiving celebration starts next Wednesday (21st) thro (as they would say) to Sunday 25th. During that time the vast majority – and we do mean vast –  will travel by car with an estimated 54 million estimated to take to the roads. That’s practically the entire population of the UK all on the road at the same time. Admittedly, they have a lot more roads on which to put these cars, but it still must look like – and feel – like the great wildebeest migrations that we see on the TV. Only without the dust – or the lions.

This being America, nor only must these drivers contend with driving huge distances but there’s the weather to contend with. And we mean proper weather, not piddly UK stuff. Like major snow storms, heavy rain and, depending where you are, the added risk of wildfires.

Of course they could always fly, which is what over 30 million holiday-makers will do or travel by other means, including train or bus which only a very small percentage of the population do.

However they get there, we’re sure it will be worth it where the traditional turkey meal will be the star of the show in the vast majority of homes. In fact, one last Thanksgiving factoid to leave you with. Over 46 million turkeys will be consumed next weekend. That’s a helluva lot of wish bones.




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