Get Ready To Take Off To…Nowhere

Think of airports and you’ll probably think of big noisy buildings full of people. Lots of people either queuing, eating, or, if you’re in arrivals or departures, maybe even laughing or crying.

But not all airports are full of people. Some, in fact, have been abandoned and are quite empty. Eerily so as empty airports really capture the imagination. Here’s a selection that caught our eye and tickled our fancy.

Unlike most of the other airports listed here, Jaisalmer Airport in Rajasthan, India has never received any passengers at all. Nor have any planes landed there either. Almost inconceivably, the airport, which cost £13 million to build,  never opened as it couldn’t compete with larger travel hubs that sprung up in the region and so was immediately mothballed. (Some mothball).

Nicosia International Airport in Northern Cyprus did receive both passengers and planes – although admittedly most were military ones  –  but as it was situated in what since 1974 has been a demilitarised zone, the airport has now been empty for over forty years.

The Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany also now lies empty although film makers occasionally use it as a location for films including ‘The Hunger Games,’ ‘The Bourne Supremacy’ and more recently, the ‘Bridge of Spies’.

Montserrat’s W. H. Bramble Airport will never be used again, for anything. Its runway is half covered in ash following a volcanic eruption which took place on the island in 1997.

Finally, and closer to home, is Manston Airport in Kent. Correction. Was Manston Airport as it closed in 2014 taking 144 jobs and over £100million in lost revenues with it.




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