Yes, But Can It Be Stowed Under The Seat in Front Of You?

Good news. You can carry a Christmas tree on board a Delta Airlines flight in the US. That’s providing its ‘adequately packaged with the root ball and all branches wrapped in burlap type material’. Phew. That’s a relief, huh?

Given that Americans view air travel in the same way that we see travelling by bus (ie, no big detail) it’s not surprising that all the airlines there offer some pretty comprehensive guidance and advice on what unusual items can or cannot be carried aboard. We thought these were all worth being aware of.

We particularly admired the approach that Alaska Airlines took to baggage as it’s the only U.S. airline that allows kayaks as checked baggage. Other airlines, being the meanies they are, restrict kayaks to ‘only the folding sort’.

Actually, travelling on that airline must be kind of fun. Oenophiles (that’s wine lovers to you and us) can take advantage of their ‘Wine Flies Free’ programme, which allows passengers to check in (for free) a case of wine – providing it comes from vineyards located in the states of Oregon, Idaho, Washington or California.

Most US airlines will let you travel with your cello, which is good to hear, as well as many other smaller musical instruments.

Golf clubs, surfboards, bicycles, skis and snowboard gear are all considered pretty normal stuff, but some airlines, providing its appropriately packaged and protected, will let you onboard with items as wide-ranging as ‘spearguns, javelins, snowshoes and scuba gear’.

This all makes our overnight bag plus duty frees look a bit tame really.

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