Hashtag We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday

‘We know what you did last summer’ sounds like big brother is watching. And in some ways, he is. Especially if you’re using social media to talk about your holiday. Because all those online conversations add up to an awful lot of data that a social media company has now analysed.

As the company (called Immediate Future) estimates that over the last twelve months we have created no less than 30 million social media posts that specifically mention the word ‘holiday’, then the company has had lots (and lots) of data to sift through.

And boy do we like to chat. Holiday conversations held on Twitter were up 93% year on year, whilst Instagram holiday nattering increased by a whopping 213% compared to the previous year.

So what do we talk about? Well, we seem to be using Twitter for dreaming about our holidays or for saying who we’re going away with. We also use that particular platform to ‘talk all the way through the purchase journey, discussing inspiration, looking for recommendations, buying and sharing holiday memories and pictures’.

But once we get to where we’re going, many of us then switch to using Instagram. Presumably because by then it’s all about ‘the experience, the view, the luxury and the destination’.

Not surprisingly, as holidays arouse such strong emotions – including anticipation, happiness and stress (sometimes all on the same holiday) – then we love peppering our posts with emojis that express those feelings. Emojis signifying happiness or love stand out head and shoulders  above all other emojis (at 37% and 38% respectively).

When we do talk about our holidays using social media,  we appear to spend most of our conversations talking about who we’re going with. Family (66%) is mentioned the most, followed by friends and then couples. Meanwhile preparing for the holiday features largest in the lives of family conversations on social.

Apparently packing – at 86% – is the most dominant part of the conversation. (Surely these conversations could have taken place in the house instead of online?!) Couples, on the other hand, talk more about spending money (46%). Friends also talk about packing (49%), but also about holiday shopping (20%). And best friends shoot the breeze about holiday shopping the most (41%).

‘Beaches’ came out top of the list of key words mentioned at 25%, leading from ‘hotel’ at 15% and ‘romantic’ at 8%. ‘All Inclusive’ cropped up in 5% of conversations tied with ‘skiing’.

Sadly for us, ‘Travel insurance’ didn’t appear anywhere on the list. Maybe next year, huh?


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