Time For a Painmoon?

Oh dear. It looks like painmoon is here to stay. Along with zen-do and mumcation. No, we haven’t got a bug in our keyboard, these are all new words that the travel industry is hoping to impose on us, sorry, encourage us to use as it (dreams up new holiday ideas for 2019.

At this time of year, the creative departments in travel companies across the land try to come up with new holiday buzzwords. It’s where staycation came from all those years ago, as well as glamping. Bleisure (a combined business and leisure trip) is beginning to take hold and many are hoping that microgapping may jump out of travel blogs into mainstream media.

(Anyone over 35 would call these experiences ‘short breaks’ but Visit England spurned that term and used #mymicrogap in a £2.5 million social media campaign instead).

For those not yet fully up to speed with these terms – and let face it few of us outside these creative agencies are- here’s what they mean.

A painmoon is what you take ‘for those who need an emotionally healing holiday during a difficult time in their lives’. (Remember, we don’t make these things up we just write about them). The term builds on babymoon (the break couples take before their baby arrives) and honeymoon (which thankfully needs no explanation).

A zen-do is when your closest friends have been to one too many hen-dos and so need pampering and yoga instead.

And finally for those young mothers needing some me-time, a mumcation offers the perfect antidote, particularly if the offspring have been left with the grandparents so they can enjoy a skipgen.

As the saying goes, you couldn’t make it up. Only somebody has.


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