It’s Official. British Steel Redcar Is Britain’s Least Visited Railway Station

Are you looking for less stress in your life? If so, we think we have found the perfect job for you. It involves working at British Steel Redcar which has just been awarded Britain’s least busy railway station.

And believe us, you wouldn’t have much to do as the station only had 40 passengers in the last year  – as measured by the Office of Road and Rail (ORR). That’s an average of 3-4 passengers a month.

You’d have plenty of time to chat to them as these passengers  have a lot of time to kill. Just four Northern trains stop at the station each day between Monday and Saturday, two to Bishop Auckland and two to Saltburn. There are no trains on Sundays so that would be particularly restful for you.

Actually, there wouldn’t be much for you at all as not only does the station not have any passengers but it has no ticket machines, no waiting room, no toilet facilities and no step-free access either. And as a result, there’s no need to employ anyone. But if they did, what a job, huh?

Last year’s least busiest station, Barry Links in Angus, Scotland, picked up the pace, had a bit of rush on and saw the number of entries and exits more than double to 52, making it only the second least used station. However, ORR notes that rail enthusiasts sometimes visit the least used station from the previous year so as to boost its passenger numbers. A sort of flying squad?

One station that doesn’t need any help is Waterloo which was named Britain’s busiest station for the 15th year in a row. An astounding 94.4 million passengers used the station in 2017/2018. This was down by 5% on the previous year due to extensive engineering works which closed the station for three weeks. That is the equivalent of the UK’s entire population going through the station, plus some. And to the hard working staff employed there that’s how it must feel some days.



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