Think You Were Busy This Christmas? Ask Father Christmas How His Went

So how was your Christmas? How much travelling did you notch up? Whatever the number, we bet you didn’t beat Father Christmas.

According to a recent study, he’s estimated to have travelled 41 million miles on Christmas Eve delivering one million tonnes of presents to the 735 million children who are thought to have celebrated Christmas this year.

That present load would have required a lot more pulling power than just the eight reindeer who currently pull Santa’s sleigh. In fact, it would need more than 6,750,000 million reindeer. Which is probably more than the entire population of reindeer in the world, so some elks or even moose might have had to be roped in to help out.

And the entire team, Santa included, would’ve worked a straight 31 hours to deliver every present. (So much for European Working Time Directive). That would only have allowed Santa a mere 0.37 milliseconds per household. No wonder so many mince pies and carrots went untouched this year.

These figures haven’t just been plucked from the air, but were estimated by a charity, SPANA, which provides free veterinary treatment to working animals in developing countries around the world. They spent the time working them out so as to deliver a less magical message.

This was it. ‘there are millions of animals around the world that work 365 days a year, who won’t be loaded with presents but will be pulling heavy loads of lifesaving water and food for families or carrying goods to market to help impoverished communities survive’.

Makes you think doesn’t it?

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