Thinking About A Good Value Holiday Destination? Think About Argentina

Headlines that include the words ‘best value travel destinations’ always grab our attention. So we were bound to read an article in the Daily Express recently that suggested which destinations were likely to be the top three for 2019. And given that the information supplied to the newspaper was from Trailfinders, one of the leading travel experts in the industry, meant we were even more excited.

As we know from our own customers, everyone loves a bargain and holidays are no exception. Somewhat naively as it turns out, we had in mind that Trailfinders would be tipping places like Greece, Spain or Turkey. For holidays further afield, we were reasonably confident that Thailand might crop up (it usually does), or even Vietnam, another increasingly popular destination in South East Asia. Might India have gotten into the top three this year given the huge numbers now travelling there?

Well, we’re sorry to say that despite having been in the travel business for a considerable number of years, its clear that we don’t know as much about it as we thought we did. Because the top three for 2019 are likely to be…Argentina, Nepal and South Africa.

We always knew that South Africa represented consistently good value as a holiday destination, helped (from the UK’s travellers’ perspective) by a consistently weak currency, but were surprised to see Argentina and Nepal in the mix.

Argentina’s inclusion is largely due to the government’s decision to remove VAT on accommodation thereby immediately saving holidaymakers around 20%. A big call from a cash-strapped government by maybe a right one.

Nepal surprised us as, frankly, it has had a bad press press recently, what with suffering from a serious earthquake and all that, but Trailfinders assures us that it has ‘built itself back up as a top tourist destination’.

Stick to insurance is what we’ve learnt from this exercise. So that’s what we’ll do.

We look forward to welcoming back all our readers and customers in 2019.


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