Domino’s Pizza Plus Strictly Makes A Winning Combination

Several years ago US supermarkets noticed that if they put beer next to diapers then sales of both shot up. The idea was that husbands stopping to pick up the diapers (nappies to us Brits) on their way home would see the beer and heh presto, pop a couple of packs into their shopping basket.

Since then, retailers have got even more clued up as to which – apparently unrelated – products sell well when stocked next to each. So how about pizzas and Strictly Come Dancing?

Well, Domino’s Pizza has just announced that it sold more than 530,000 pizzas in one day just before Christmas, thereby smashing its previous record. And the reason for this pizza-fest? According to a report in the Guardian newspaper, ‘Domino’s particularly benefited from days when Britons had reason for a big night in. It credited the final of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday 15 December for a new online record, with sales up by a quarter compared to the same day the year before’.

Apparently, while we were gorging on a 15” deep pan with extra pepperoni, Domino’s’ was raking in the cash, when the ‘strong run-up to Christmas helped group sales to rise by 5.5% year on year to £339.5m (in the 13 weeks to 30 December). That’s a lot of dough (excuse the pun).

Its biggest day of the year was actually on the Friday before Christmas (21st) the day usually known as “Mad Friday” as revellers up and down the country get into the festive party spirit. Maybe this year while putting on their ‘glad rags’ those revellers were pre-loading on a sneaky pizza or maybe they just decided to stay home that night instead?

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