Sleep Tight. The Bed Bugs Have Been Zapped

Travelling usually involves staying overnight somewhere. Which involves sleeping in a bed, or bunk, or somewhere which the accommodation provider has provided for you. The deal is, you pay them some money and they’ll provide something to sleep on that’s appropriate for amount that you’ve paid over. The point we’re making is the less you pay, the more chance you have of the sleeping arrangements being, ahem, unhygienic.

Thankfully, a new device could allay your fears. CleanseBot is a pocket-sized robot that could consign unsanitary hotel stays to the history books. The device, which was (not surprisingly) invented in the US, uses four UV-C lights – two on top, two underneath – to obliterate germs, as well as other unsavoury entities such as dust mites and even airborne viruses.

This being 2019 and the fact that the device was invented in the US means that it includes artificial intelligence, although how much AI is required to zap a bug we’ll never know. Amongst its claims to fame is that it will ‘eradicate 99.9 per cent of the bacteria in your hotel room’. This presumably will make it as clean as a hospital operating theatre.

A thought that those suffering from mysophobia might find comforting. As well as those suffering from verminophobia, germophobia, germaphobia, bacillophobia and bacteriophobia. For those of us thankfully not plagued with those conditions, you might be relieved to know that they’re all pathological fears of contamination and germs.



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